Sunday, July 4, 2010

Troops: How much is too many and how much is not enough?

Hey everyone CharlieB here and hope all of you are having a Happy 4th of July! Well I have question for you to chew on. When it comes to troops how many do you need? With 2/3 missions in the BRB objective missions do you have to have a certain amount of troops? When you guys make your army lists do you have to have a certain number or percentage of troops, or do just take the minimum of two? Like me for example I only have two troop choices in my 1500pt. list because I feel like that i enough. Where as my friend takes two in 1250 and every 250 adds at least one more.

When it comes to objectives how do you feel about them? Like is it a I have to get as many as possible, or a I just have to have one more then my opponent type of thing? I am definitely for the latter. But which side are y'all on or do you have a different thinking about them? Well lets see some input, later days!

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