Saturday, July 3, 2010

1500pt. List


HQ 1: Librarian: 125pt.
- Jump pack, Shield of Sanguinius, and Blood lance/boil

HQ 1: Librarian: 125pt.
- Jump pack, Shield of Sanguinius, and Blood lance/boil


Elite 1: Sanguinary Priest x 2: 150pt.
- Power weapon


Troops 1:Assault Squad, Sergeant and 4 Marines: 140pt.
- Power weapon, Infernus pistol, and Meltagun
Dedicated Transport: Razorback: 65pt.
- TL-Assault cannon and Hunter-killer missile

Troops 2: Assault Squad, Sergeant and 4 Marines: 140pt.
- Power weapon, Infernus pistol, and Meltagun
Deadicated Transport: Razorback: 65pt.
- TL-Assault cannon and Hunter-killer missile


Fast Attack 1: Baal Predator: 115pt.
- TL-Assault cannon

Fast Attack 2: Baal Predator: 115pt.
- TL-Assault cannon


Heavy Support 1: Vindicator: 145pt.

Heavy Support 2: Vindicator: 145pt.

Heavy Support 3: Devastator Squad, Sergeant and 4 Marines: 110pt.
- 2 Missile launchers
Dedicated Transport: Rhino: 50pt.

Army Total: 1490pt.

I plan on running my army in two detachments, that's one of the reasons why I have duplicates of most of my army. The other reason being if one of my tanks get hit by that lucky first turn Lascannon shot and destroyed I still have one more to get the job done, plus I have like this OCD with symmetry. So usually each detachment includes a Librarian, an Assault squad w/ Priest in Razorback, a Baal pred, and a Vindicator. Then I place my Devs in their Rhino behind cover or in someplace where the enemy can't hit them.

I take the Librarians to give their detachments that much needed 5+ cover save. I also either give them Blood lance or Blood boil as their second psychic power. The reason being that with Blood lance I can take out big units and tanks that come close to my detachment, whereas with Blood boil I can snipe out important models in my enemy's units. I haven't played enough games yet to see which one I like more, as they have both been helpful in the games I used them in.

As you have noticed I only run two troop units in my army and small troop units at that. But that is because by giving the a Razorback and a priest I fell they are as good as any ten man squad of Assault marines. Having Furious charge and Feel no pain are great so each squad get their own Priest. I run my Priest with a Power weapon to add some extra oomph to my squads, I would never give a priest a Power fist because I don't want to other unit attacking me back and having a chance to kill my Priest. I give my sergeants Infernus pistols and one Marine a Meltagun that way if I am trying to destroy a tank I have a better chance. And to top it off they are all wrapped in a Assault cannon Razorback which helps whittle down Infantry and can take out low armor value tanks.

I take my Baal predators plain I use to take Heavy bolter until I realized how much of a waste of points it was.I don't know if you have read The 12" AssCan by Jawaballs (if not go read it right now!) but it was eye opening. I always move 12" with my tanks anyways which meant I was never using my Heavy bolters so why take them? So I just take the Assault cannon on my Baals and save the 60pt.

I don't think I need to say much about my Vindicators I mean they are Vindicators I put one in each detachment to lay down str. 10 big blast templates.

Now on to my Devs I see a lot of Blood angel players shun them like they are the red headed step child of the codex, but I love them. I think when people think of Devastator they think shooty/Earth army unit. But I believe they can be in Mech armies too, and here's how. First you pick what heavy weapon you want, for me I pick MIssile launcher cheap, can take out tanks and infantry, I like em. Then you take a Devastator squad with two of them in the unit and you really only need two because you are going to buy them a Rhino. Now you are not going to have one of those footslogging Devastator squads that sit on the highest piece of terrain ad don't move for the entire battle. What you have is a devastator squad who on one turn you move them up to 18" getting them in a place where they need to be, pop smoke, then next turn can fire at that unit. You won't get two fire every turn, but you will get to fire at what needs to be taken down then move on to the next one.

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