Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Army Update: HQ

Hey guys CharlieB here. With my base list done it is time to go out and get all the models for my army. I quickly skimmed through GW online store to see what models I wanted to get. I figured I would start off with my HQ's so I looked at the librarians they had. It might be just me but I'm not a big fan of them the only one I really like is the one with the staff and book but I would probably end off cutting his staff for a sword anyway. So I decided to go looking around some forums to see what other people had done for their Libby HQs. After lurking on some of my favorite sites I came across one made from a Justicar by Koyote on Bolter and Chainsword and needless to say I immediately fell in love with not just the model but also the paint scheme he uses. So as I type this I am in the process of cutting off the arms with the storm bolters on my Justicars. As Soon as I am done and have them primed I will update you guys again. Later days!

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